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Venkatesh Prasad S is the mentor of Prasad School of Badminton. He is an accomplished international badminton player who has participated and won 3 Badminton World Federation medals for India and National medals for Karnataka. He has badminton Playing and Coaching Experience of 20+ years. He has also participated in Major Tournaments like All England Championships, US open, Canada open and Singapore open super series and 30+ BWF tournaments from India. Jamaica Open-2017, Benin International -2019, Ivory Coast International-2019, are the three tournaments where he achieved Gold , Silver and Bronze medals respectively ,Further, He also has a Bronze Medal in Individual Badminton Mens Doubles Event in Ranchi, Jharkhand National Games-2011 . He has also represented Karnataka in Senior Mens category for 7 years and achieved Interstate South zone medals for the same.  He is an experienced and respected mentor who can guide you to excel in badminton in World Stage.

Meet Our Lead Coaches

At PSB, we are passionate about helping you improve your skills and enjoy the game. Our coaches are experienced players and certified instructors who can guide you through every aspect of badminton, from basic techniques to advanced strategies. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, we have a program that suits your needs and goals.



Meet our coach Venkatachala Sharma (VVS), who has a rich experience of playing and coaching badminton. He has represented his district and division in open AA and dasara sports events. He has been coaching for 23 years and has trained many students who have excelled at dasara, state, national and international levels. His students have won bronze and silver medals in pykaa tournaments in the U-16 category. He is a dedicated and enthusiastic coach who can help you achieve your potential in badminton.



Meet Naveen Kumar Punnuru, who has a strong background in badminton. He has worked under Venkatesh Prasad sir in Prasad School of Badminton for 2 years and has learned from his expertise. He has also achieved remarkable results in various tournaments, such as being the junior doubles state runner-up in 2014, participating in the national level in 2014, winning the RGKA tournament and being a Khelo India participant. He is a skilled and motivated coach who can help you learn and improve your badminton game.



Meet Ansh Gupta a young and talented coach who has a passion for badminton. He is 21 years old and has played and won Nylon shuttle open tournaments in Bangalore. He has been coaching kids and adults for a year and has helped them develop their skills and confidence. He always focuses on the basics and teaches the grips first, as he believes that they are the foundation of a good badminton player. He is a friendly and supportive coach who can make your badminton journey enjoyable and rewarding.



Meet Nitesh Kumar V who started his badminton journey in 2017 when he was 18 years old. He has participated in state rankings and all India rankings and has won many open tournaments. He has a coaching experience of 5 years and has helped many students learn and enjoy badminton. He can coach students of various ages and levels and help them develop their skills and confidence. He is a coach who can make you love badminton as much as he does.



Meet Deekshith C Raj who has more than 4 years of experience in teaching badminton. He has played badminton at school and college/university levels and has gained a lot of knowledge and skills in the game. He can coach students of different ages and levels and help them improve their techniques, tactics and fitness. He is a coach who can inspire you to achieve your badminton goals and have fun along the way.



Meet Suhas Bhat a badminton coach who has won many state open tournaments and has a passion for teaching the sport. He has the ability to be patient with beginner level kids and help them learn the basics and progress to the next level. He can also be a tough game sparring for professional level kids who want to test their abilities and sharpen their techniques. Suhas Bhat is a coach who can make badminton fun and rewarding for everyone.



Meet Gobinda Das a badminton coach with a lot of experience and expertise in the sport. He has won many state open tournaments and has trained players to represent Karnataka in national junior championships. He has the ability to understand the needs and goals of each kid and guide them to the next level of their game. He can also be a tough sparring partner for professional level kids who want to challenge themselves and improve their skills. Gobinda Das is a coach who can help you achieve your badminton dreams.

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